original artistic design in decorative concrete
original artistic design in decorative concrete

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The coloring agents used by Brilliant Concrete Design are not paints or coating agents. Acid stains are translucent and imperfections and inconsistencies are not covered up as they would be with paints. The coloring effect is a result of a chemical reaction with minerals in a cement based material. It works very well on new or old concrete. Not every concrete floor is eligible for acid staining , though age is not an issue, the shape it’s in is. A smooth concrete surface will yield more attractive results than an old worn one. Acid Stain is a very durable product if properly protected with sealer or wax, and it can be applied to both interiors and exteriors.
Acid staining
The Acid Stain appeal... 
Acid Stain gives concrete a mottled, marble like look that creates beautiful colors. There are generally about 8 colors to choose from on the “Stain Color Chart”. With each individual color, you will get about three variations of hues/shades. You can also create different shades by mixing and matching your available colors. Never expect Acid Stain to be uniform or have an even tone. Also, you’ll get different reactions from slab to slab, and even on the same job you may see different coloration patterns.
Can any concrete be stained?
Not always. If the aggregate in the concrete is exposed or has previously been acid etched, it may not accept the stain and will not produce a desired look. The aggregate does not react with the stain, only materials in cement do. On some applications where the surface is textured, as in stamped/stenciled concrete or stamped/stenciled overlays, acid stain provides even more depth of color, larger selection and realistic look to the surface. 
Skim Coat Alternative
An alternative when concrete is not able to be stained is a skim coat.  A skim coat is a layer of fine cement which is applied over the existing concrete.  This application will have a different look from an average slab.  It gives the surface a bit of texture from the workmanship.  Concrete is sometimes marred by wood or ceramic tile leaving behind a faint pattern.  In many cases, people like this effect and find it desirable.  The alternative of course is a skim coat which would help give a more uniform appearance.  The floor shown here was skimmed then scored and stained.
Stenciled concrete is very similar to stamped concrete. Generally, the same materials are used and the finished product looks very similar. It easy to be fooled by stenciled concrete. Materials and processes make it difficult to differentiate a stenciled slab from actual masonry work. Stenciled concrete can have many combinations using textures, stencils and concrete colors. The pattern combinations/choices are up to your imagination! Using the “Universal Color Chart” and “Overlay Patterns” you would pick a pattern, grout color and stone color. Acid stain highlights and lowlights can be added for a better effect. Stenciled concrete produces an appearance, comparable to brick, stone or tile including a realistic grout line. 
Anyone who is comfortable only with surfaces that never change, glass tabletops for instance, or who obsesses about every little stain or scratch on the furniture probably will not be happy with a concrete countertop. Depending on theme or style, concrete countertops can take on the characteristic of the kitchen or bathroom they’re in. They will seem rustic in one home and very modern or industrial in another. Brilliant Concrete Design, Inc. mixes all colors manually and onsite. As with other natural materials, variations in the concrete materials are normal and are to be expected. This is what makes concrete countertops unique and interesting. 
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